It's Lonely at the Top

Being at the top of your game means making sacrifices. Sacrifices that most aren't willing to make and most don't understand.  You spend countless hours relentlessly working on your craft. You don't stop at the superficial, you delve into every nuance looking for ways to improve.  Your focus has been dialed in and you find and explore aspects of your art most people don't even know exist.

You sacrifice time.  Time you won’t get back.

Time you used to spend with family and friends. Time you used to spend on your other interests. Time you used to spend on other work.  You find ways to be more efficient taking care of your other responsibilities to free up time to dedicate to your passion.

You have late nights and early mornings putting in the work while others rest. Because you have a vision. A vision only you can see. Only you truly understand. And only you can achieve. Nothing will be given to you. You must earn it all. 

Your drive makes others far too aware of their shortcomings. People call you obsessed. People get offended that they aren't your only priority. People tell you to slow down. They tell you to quit. You stay the course, driven toward your goals.  They don't understand. They don't see the potential.  They don't have your vision. 

This is the life of an elite athlete. This is the life of an entrepreneur.  This is the life of someone trying to change the world.  This is the life of someone trying to improve themselves. This is a life spent dedicated to something bigger than yourself. 

Live your life.  Achieve your goals.  Chase your dreams. You only get one shot at life, take a breath, aim true and don't miss. 

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