Between school, extra curricular activities, and time for fun, children lead very busy lives today. Parents are faced with having to make decisions about which activities their children participate in and which they have to forgo. Some of these activities strengthen the child’s mind, other activities strengthen the child’s body, while others develop the child’s character.

Martial arts is one of the only activities that allows children to strengthen their mind, body, and character at the same time. Studying the techniques and patterns that lie within a specific art helps sharpen one’s mind. Learning problem solving through the application of these techniques is where children begin to apply concepts of situational awareness and self-defense, which pushes them to think beyond the academy and into real world environments in their own lives.

Unfortunately, many kids today spend more hours a day looking at a computer screen or their cell phones than they do playing sports, participating in extracurricular activities, or engaging in character-building hobbies. As a result, children are losing out on valuable exercise, both in mind and body and are setting themselves up for unhealthy habits later in life.

Fortunately, martial arts provides many great physical, mental, and emotional benefits for children. You will see an increase in your child’s muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, speed, agility flexibility and reaction time, all of which contribute to a healthy overall lifestyle. These skills also enhance abilities in other sports and activities in which the student may participate. Development of character through martial arts can dramatically impact a student’s life. These character traits can result in improved manners and respect for those around them, increased confidence, and high moral integrity.

The benefits of martial arts are endless. Are your children spending their time productively in an activity that could benefit them for the rest of their lives?

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