"Speak softly and carry a BIG STICK."

- Theodore Roosevelt

Doce Pares is a form of ArnisKali and Eskrima, or a Filipino martial art that focuses primarily on stick fightingknife fighting and hand-to-hand combat but also covers grappling and other weapons as well.  In reality, the stick is merely considered an extension of the hand, and is meant to represent almost any weapon, from sticks to swords to knives to anything else you can place in your hand and use as a weapon in the modern context. 

Doce Pares refers to a Martial Arts organization founded in 1932 Cebu, Philippines. The term "Multi-Style" system refers to an assemblage of various styles of Eskrima, Kali, Arnis that were introduced into the organization by the founding masters. These various styles of Eskrima were gradually incorporated into one training method in which we find what is presently known as the Doce Pares "Multi-Style."