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Guardian Martial Arts

Decide what you want.  Make a plan.  And work on it.

Every.  Single.  Day.


martial arts Education

Defend yourself and those you love, while improving quality of life through physical fitness and increased self-confidence. 





"I have had the pleasure of training with Chris for a number of years now and can honestly say that he is one of the most dedicated and professional people I've ever met.  Training with Chris has made me a better martial artist and a better person.  Chris' dedication to physical fitness, martial arts and mutual respect between students and teacher foster an environment where everyone can push themselves and achieve their own goals.  One of the things I appreciate most about Chris' training method is that he teaches you to do the little things properly and to rely on the technique rather than on your size or strength.  You can't help but feel his commitment to you, and you want to exceed his expectations every session."


"Chris is one of the most passionate martial artists I know. He understands the history of the arts he teaches yet is able to modify his class for each individual's interests and goals.  People who want to take a traditional martial art can certainly learn from Chris the same way someone can who wants to get in a great workout."


"What differentiates Sifu Chris is that he genuinely wants to understand your goals so that he can offer you the best learning experience possible. He is able to break down techniques into understandable drills which help accelerate your learning. Whether you are just starting out and learning the fundamentals or a seasoned practitioner honing nuances of a technique Sifu Chris has the knowledge, insight, and approach to help you exceed your goals."


"At 35 I’m in better shape, more knowledgeable, better trained, and have a greater drive than I’ve ever had.  They have something for everyone and the head instructor, Chris, is leagues above the rest.
Above his ability lies something probably more important, his raw character. He's not someone that's just good at what he does he makes you feel like family and he makes you feel like you can do anything simply because he believes in you.
He knows what it takes to become not just good, but great."


Guardian Martial Arts
"Not only is Chris one of the fastest martial artist's I've trained with, but he's also one of the most patient and knowledgeable. The way he breaks down a technique makes it easy to understand and to individualize so that it can work with even my 43-year-old body. I'm in better shape than I have been in years and I can't wait to be back East to get some more time in. I just haven't been able to find the same level of intensity and practicality out in So-Cal. I'll keep working hard out here and repping Guardian on the West Coast."
Guardian Martial Arts


Guardian Martial Arts


Guardian Martia Arts

Guardian Martial Arts is committed to the evolution of martial arts and education of not only it's practitioners but the general public as well.

Guardian Martial Arts
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